Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gone German

I realize it has been almost a month since I have posted, and I also realize that I owe you pictures and stories from the Gutsy Dad's "vacation," our trip to Italy, Libby's visit, and our trip to Austria. That said, here are a few updates from the homestead.

I decided last year, as I drove through the Bavarian countryside admiring all of the Germans' window boxes, that I wanted some. When I learned that the local greenhouse will plant and cultivate them for you throughout the spring I couldn't resist. So, back in February, I brought my window measurements to the gardner and picked which flowers I wanted in my boxes. They had a wall of pictures of glorious window boxes and all I had to do was point. Then, on Friday, I got the call. "Frau McGarry, your flowers are ready, you must come pick them up right away." Here is what my car looked like, filled with petunias and a few geraniums.

I decided on two window boxes and one hanging basket out front.

And two window boxes out back, that I can admire while I am in the kitchen.

Here's a close-up of my "small" window box out front. As the summer goes on, these flowers will start cascading. I'll try to update with photos.

As if that wasn't enough! I've also acquired a new piece of furniture: a Schrank. Told ya I'd gone German! Here 'tis.

On Thursday, I hosted a scrapping gathering, and here are the ladies. We spent hours creating accordion albums. I will have to find those pictures, too. The gals, from left to right, are: Natalie, Jess, Josselyn (aka my friend with the severed pinky), Vicki, Rachel, and Darcy. (Helene had stepped out to pick up her son.) Lest you think we wasted an entire day scrapping, we also ate an entire butter pecan cake and nearly three pounds of cheese with crackers.

And, because I know most of you only come here hoping to see pictures of Jillson, here are a few shots. This one is from the Kursalon garden in Vienna.

Just struttin' through the hood.

Jillsie loves Kerala Grace, whom she also calls "Gracie" and "Vicki's Grace." She often asks to hold her, and then coos "I know, Gracie, I know." Jillson's hairdo is courtesy of a spaghetti dinner.


Fizi said...

Gorgeous pictures of Jillson. Love the window boxes too and the shrank! You are making me all nostalgic...

Love Fi

Familie Barker said...

LOVE all the pictures!!! the flowers are just unbelievable!
xoxo, Heather

Diane said...

My Mom was also inspired by the window boxes during her year in Germany, and now has them on her house in Cleveland. I wish I could get someone to cultivate a garden for me and I could just pick it up when it's ready!

Diane's Mom said...

Wow! I do love those flower boxes. Jillson is really cute too.
I'm glad that you are having a great experience.