Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh Crappy Day

So I just got back from dropping the Gutsy Dad at the airport, and this is what greeted me--a big, huge field all fresh with manure. The entire house smells like caca. How fitting.

Jillson has been looking for her Papa everywhere, and asking "Papa do it?" for every task. Break a mommy's heart.

"Papa an Jillson walky le dogs?" No honey, Papa went bye bye.
"Papa chinge Jillsie's diaper?" No, honey, Mommy has to do it.
"Papa hold Jillson's hand so we don't bonky le car?" Sorry honey, so sorry.


Rachel said...

Ahhh...the poop fields of Bavaria. Nothing says spring like a field of fresh manure.

I'm so sorry he had to leave again. You're all in my thoughts and prayers.

Love & Hugs,

Familie Barker said...

Oh, so sad :-( But I love the new picture - looks like Lake Como (?)

The Gutsy Mom said...

It is indeed Lake Como!