Saturday, June 9, 2007

Exercise-Induced Happiness

HEE HEE! I read this phrase in an article in Runner's World which talked about therapists who insist on treating their patients while running. They say the act of running itself helps people not only become happier, but also allows them to dig deeper into solving their issues. Boy, have I experienced this to be true! When I am not focusing on how darn much my legs and tushy hurt or how many more minutes until I can take a walk break, I do tend to solve the problems of the world when I run.

Today I ran at 8:00am with a neighbor and it nearly killed me, physically. However, we upped the ratio to 7&1 (and I survived), so that's one more run for the log. YEEHAW. I totally have exercise-induced happiness at the moment.

Run on, Gutsy Moms!

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